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  • Jobseeking tips during the economic downturn

  • Media: The Daily Telepgraph

    Date: Feb 2009

    Article: Asset Finance and Leasing Supplement - Media Planet: Jobskeeing Tips

    Author: Jane Theobald, Recruitment Director - New Leaf Search



    Media Planet - An independent supplement distributed within The Daily Telepgraph ask recruitment experts for tops tips to survive the current economic downturn:

    The current economic climate has resulted in large-scale redundancies within the leasing sector. As employers slash their recruitment budgets, competition to find jobs becomes increasingly difficult. Our advice for jobseekers attempting to secure a new role such challenging times is simple: 

    1. Stay close to a reputable recruitment company who can keep you informed of industry trends, provide insightful career advice and present you with suitable job opportunities. Ensure they have strong credentials in the asset finance and leasing sector. 

    2. If youíve been made redundant, now is not the time to deliberate. If an opportunity arises whereby your skills match the job requirements and the employment proposition is viable, seize it! If you donít, somebody else will. Be aware of intense competition; be decisive and quick to act. 

    3. Prepare to be flexible and realistic on salary expectations - but go the extra mile in presenting a quality CV and preparing for interviews thoroughly. Itís vitally important that your CV is impeccable since you only have one chance to sell yourself to make the interview shortlist. 

    4. Keep abreast of market developments and strengthen your leasing knowledge by referring to on and off-line specialist publications such as Leasing World and Leasing Life. 

    5. Cast your net wider; donít just look at Ďthe usual large playersí for prospective employment. On the plus side, there are many smaller leasing companies that are fairing well and expanding despite the economy. Remain positive and focussed and you may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.  . 

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