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  • Personal profile analysis

  • Our consultants are Thomas International trained certified practitioners, which means that we have access to Thomas International management and business assessment tools. We also have the knowledge and training to interpret behavioural, aptitude and ability tests.

    Thomas International
    The Thomas International system of personality and behavioural analysis enables managers to better understand and develop their teams, and increase motivation.

    Why do we partner with Thomas International?

    • Over the past 25 years, Thomas International has become a global provider of business assessment testing tools that help organisations recruit, retain, develop and train their people
    • It is the only organisation to have its profiling methods validated by the British Psychological Society
    • They conduct over 1 million assessments every year
    • They have an international reach spreading to over 60 countries
    • Their behavioural assessments are available in 56 languages
    • They utilise sophisticated software to deliver their solutions through the internet

    Which of your business activities could benefit?
    With the huge range of tools available, testing and assessment tools can be used in practically all aspects of people management. Four key areas where many businesses find profiling useful are:

    1. Recruitment
    Selecting people for jobs, whether they’re external or internal candidates. Tests can be used to create an initial short list (known as sifting), to decide on interview questions or to investigate essential characteristics for a job.

    2. Retention
    Profiling can help to manage team relationships, resolve conflict, tailor training programmes and ensure staff are doing the right job for them. A positive work environment where staff feel valued is one they are less likely to want to leave.

    3. Training
    Profiling can identify strengths and weakness, pinpoint training needs and be used to evaluate the success of training courses.

    4. Development
    This covers a huge area from individual to organisational development. Profiling could be used to coach employees struggling with aspects of their job, put together high performance project teams, assist with change management, or survey potential issues within a team, department or company.

    5. Suitable for all candidates and exiting team members
    We can also conduct profiling on your existing team as well as all candidates submitted to you, not just those submitted by New Leaf Search, including any internal candidates you may have.

    What benefits can personal profile analysis bring to your organisation?
    We can quickly and effectively profile the job you are recruiting for to produce a behavioural template. We can then conduct personal profile analyses (PPA) on prospective candidates to find the best fit against that particular job profile.

    The PPA provides a comprehensive assessment of an individual including working strengths, fears, motivators and the value that person brings to an employer. It also includes how they are likely to perform under pressure, how they modify their behaviour in their current job and any frustrations or problems they may be facing.

    Closely matching a job profile and PPA will provide you with an additional tool to confirm your gut instinct and back up the recruitment decision making process.

    Once a PPA has been completed there are a wide range of reports available which will enable you to appreciate and understand the way your people work, including Interview Questions, Interviewer’s Guide, Candidate Feedback, Strengths and Limitations, Compatibility, How to Manage and Training Needs Analysis. Please speak to your consultant for further information on each of these reports.

    Since the PPA system enables employers to become aware of their employee work styles, it also improves the effectiveness of people management through greater understanding of why people behave the way they do.

    Personal Profile Analysis – Summary of Features:


    • easily accessible
    • does not require face to face interaction
    • no need to commute to an office to complete


    • no need for written assessment forms
    • means whole process quick and efficient


    • does not require lengthy instructions
    • removes risk of incorrect completion


    • info remains protected and confidential
    • offers peace of mind


    • 7 mins to complete
    • responses by return
    • no need to wait days before reports available
    • speeds up recruitment decision making process


    • tests are certified by British Psychological Society
    • reputable
    • reliable

    International recruitment

    • It is important for candidates to have the option to answer questions in the language they think in
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