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  • Recruiter choice

  • Choosing the right recruitment partner is a fundamental pre-requisite for every job search; choosing the right one will pay dividends; choosing the wrong could cost you time, loss of credibility and missed opportunities.

    So how do you get it right?

    Limit your choice of partners
    Experience tells us that the best results for candidates in successfully securing their next career move is to limit their choice of recruitment partners to one or a maximum of two quality consultancies – especially in the asset finance and leasing niche. This has the distinct advantage of ensuring you receive a coherent, uncomplicated and dedicated service. Just as importantly, the embarrassment of multiple copies of your CV being sent to prospective employers will also be greatly reduced.

    Fit for purpose
    The key questions to consider when assessing which recruiter to partner with are listed below. Most of this information can be obtained from the prospective recruiter’s website or articles in asset finance and leasing media, but there is no substitute for direct contact. When you do make contact, always ensure that the recruiter is able to fully substantiate the answers to these questions.

    Have they been recommended to you?
    See our candidate testimonials

    Do they specialise in the markets you operate in?
    See our vacancies pages

    Do they have a proven track record of recruiting for your target role(s)?
    See our key differentiators

    Do they recruit for your target organisation/industry niche?
    See our featured clients

    Do they have an established and diverse network of client contacts within the industry?
    See our key differentiators and our featured clients

    Do they operate across your geographic region?
    See our key differentiators

    Are they consultative in their approach?
    See our key differentiators and professional standards

    Are they willing to fully qualify your requirements?
    See our professional standards

    What comfort do they give you about client and candidate confidentiality?
    See our candidate professional standards and client professional standards

    What else can they do to add value?
    See our career advice section

    Are they an established business?
    See our facts and figures

    Can they ensure continuity of service or are they effectively a sole proprietary type of business?
    See our team profile and professional standards

    Are they bound by a code of professional conduct?
    See our accreditations

    How do they ensure the highest level of service?
    See our professional standards and accreditations

    What are their conversion ratios and what trends do they display?
    See our facts and figures

    Will they bombard you with unsolicited or unqualified job opportunities?
    See our professional standards

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