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  • Recruitment survey results

  • Media: Leasing Life, Issue 154

    Date: Jul 2006

    Article: Recruitment survey results

    Author: Jane Theobald - Recruitment Director, New Leaf Search


    Offices: London (Middlesex)

    Year founded: 2004

    Number of staff: 3

    Sectors: Vendor, captive, sales-aid, direct and contract-hire markets

    How is the market in recruitment leasing at the moment – are there more jobs than candidates, or the other way round?

    The market on the whole is buoyant. There are more vacancies than candidates.

    What trends are apparent at the moment?

    The majority of the vacancies are sales vacancies in the IT-leasing sector in the south of the UK and in mainland Europe.

    Do all your jobs require leasing experience, or is experience in other related financial areas sufficient?

    The majority of positions require a minimum of two years’ leasing experience.

    What would you say are the vital skills that a lessor is looking for in a candidate?

    The lessor is looking for a proven track record, relevant market knowledge, good qualifications and a stable and progressive career to date.

    Are you getting lots of recruits now compared with a year ago?

    We are seeing the same number now as last year.

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