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  • Researching for the interview

  • Give yourself the edge – do your research!
    Researching the company before the interview will give you an edge in understanding the company’s needs. The more you know about a company the stronger your chance of succeeding at interview.

    We will provide you with as much information as we can, but you are well advised to seek out everything you can about the company. You can obtain company literature directly from the organisation.

    Reference libraries, the internet and trade press are good sources of information. Where discretion allows, contact people you know in the industry that have experience of the prospective employer.

    Hiring Managers and HR personnel frown upon interviewees who fail to prepare well for interviews. They expect you to have a reasonable understanding not only of their products and services but also of the history and future direction of the business. More importantly, an interviewer will be impressed by your interest and motivation.

    Potential employer

    • Study their web-site
    • Understand their history
    • Understand their territory coverage (office locations and presence)
    • Analyse their financials and performance (company accounts where available)
    • Appreciate their philosophy, corporate messages, brand values, and key competencies
    • Appreciate their organisational structure
    • Understand their business direction and growth aspirations


    • Understand the product and service range
    • Find out who the competitors are
    • Identify USPs and potential barriers to sale


    • Who is the key demographic the product/service is aimed at?
    • Who will be the end users?
    • Who are the key competitors?
    • What are the routes to market?
    • How is the brand received in the market?
    • Is there any upcoming legislation that will affect performance?

    The role

    • Gain a full and proper understanding of the job description
    • Understand the main responsibilities involved 
    • Prepare a plan of action ( you would run your territory/manage your workload)
    • Find out specific examples of duties and how your experience relates

    The interview

    • Find out who is conducting the interview? Their names, titles, and history
    • Try to understand their key drivers and what qualities they seek in potential applicants
    • Enquire whether there will there be a practical or skills test
    • Enquire about the specific format of the interview

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