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  • Resignations rife this week more than any other

  • More employees will hand in their notice this week than during any other week of the year, with a staggering 37% of the year’s total happening this week, according to research by Resource on Demand...

    The annual statistics show that 37% of resignations occur in the third week of September and 24% happen during the first week of February.

    Lee Durrant, managing director of Resource on Demand, says:
“It is incredible that over half of all new jobs are triggered by the two key holiday seasons, but in many ways it is also unsurprising. The time away from our desks helps us to consider our options and evaluate our careers.”

    The research also reveal that it takes candidates on average of four weeks to job hunt and attend interviews, then a further for weeks to work their notice, meaning that the majority of post-summer resignations only start their new roles at the beginning of November.






















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