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  • The challenges of executive recruiting

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    Date: Jan 2007

    Article: The challenges of executive recruiting

    Author: Katherine Amin - Director, New Leaf Search

    A combination of factors, including world events, mergers and acquisitions, and a talent shortage, is dramatically impacting on the ability of companies to recruit senior level executives. Such uncertainty, has made it increasingly difficult to encourage senior executives to pursue new opportunities, especially if they are comfortable in their current roles or where relocation may be involved.

    Successful employers today understand that the key to their success is to ensure they have the right people in the right positions whilst also investing in their retention. This requires more than just financial recognition. There is also a requirement to demonstrate appreciation, respect and sensitivity towards life styles in addition to the assurance of longer term financial security.

    The role of the executive search firm is therefore more important now than ever. Developing a close working relationship with a respected search firm is an important element in a company’s recruitment strategy. The value add this brings may give the recruiting organisation the required edge in securing top executives. A search firm engaged in a true consultative role will have access and input to their client’s strategic plans. This allows them to make suggestions on organisational structures, take a proactive approach on positions expected to become available, and offer a viewpoint on competitive marketplace events and information. Good search firms today want to foster committed long term and binding relationships with clients.

    Succession planning is another important strategy. Companies who prepare proactively for a change in leadership or corporate restructuring will avoid costly issues down the road created by a void in a key position. Forward thinking search firms can again help in providing market intelligence and timing advice.

    With the changing business environment, increased competitive pressures and a dwindling supply of executive level management talent, successful organisations will need to think ahead and be creative in order to hire and retain leaders ready to take them into the future. Understanding the many issues at play, and making the necessary investment to insure that the company is able to find and attract talented leaders is pivotal to future success.

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