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CV points of note

consider the broader elements, then fine-tune...

Once you have your CV essentials in place, it is worth fine-tuning it by considering other aspects that will ensure integrity, compliance and suitability.

    • At this initial stage, you should leave out details of referees, particularly concerning your current employer.

    • If you have not provided details, then a reference cannot be taken up before you have accepted a position, thus avoiding a very rare but potentially embarrassing situation.

    • References can easily be provided as and when they are necessary.

Target your CV for specific opportunities
    • By all means, tailor your CV to suit any specific job you may be applying for as this will significantly improve the chances of ensuring a good match between the job requirements and your skills profile.

    • However, remember to keep a record of each version and track where it has been sent.

    • Our recommendation is to only have one version – but be sure to explain to your recruitment consultant your specific suitability for each role that is of particular interest to you.

    • We can then market your skills appropriately depending on the job for which you are applying.​

Supporting information
    • Unless requested, do not include copies of certificates, letters of commendation, reports, your latest personality profile or photographs of yourself.

    • Do not make statements referring to your honest and diligent nature - that should be taken for granted and serves more to raise the question.​

    • Finally, ensure you can substantiate all points made on your CV at interview.

    • Be honest; there is a difference between making the most of your experience and exaggerating or falsifying it.

    • A falsified CV can be easily spotted by an employer, and if it doesn't prevent you from getting the job, it can cost you the job later on.

    • If you secure a position on a misrepresentation of a verifiable fact, you will not only be dismissed but may also be prosecuted – so stick to the facts.​

Keep your CV up to date
    • Reviewing and updating your CV keeps it fresh and helps you give an employer the most relevant information for the job they have to offer.

    • ​Make sure that you update your CV every time you:

      • ​apply for a new job.

      • change your personal details (for example, your address or phone number).

      • gain new skills or qualifications.

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