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Referral incentive

know of someone looking for a role in asset finance and leasing?

Our Referral Incentive provides an excellent opportunity to earn financial rewards for referring candidates to us.

Why not claim your £500 referral incentive award?

Help your friends, colleagues or associates secure their next career move through New Leaf Search and as our way of saying a big ‘thank-you" for your introduction, we will reward you with a handsome referral bonus of £500* in cash (*Terms and Conditions apply - € equivalent also available).

Your referral

If you know of anyone

potentially seeking a new position within asset finance and leasing, then simply refer their details to us by completing the online form below.

If we subsequently secure new employment for your referral, you will receive a £500* cash reward.

The reward is made provided we are not already in contact with the referred candidate and are able to place them in permanent employment with one of our clients.

The payment will be made as soon as the referred candidate completes six months' continuous employment with the new employer.

Multiple rewards

Why stop at one referral? If you feel able to make multiple referrals, then we will be obliged to reward you with £500* for each and every resulting placement made.

​What do you have to do?

Simply complete the form below and we will do the rest:​

​*Referral Incentive – Terms and Conditions
  • You must seek the permission of the candidate prior to referring to New Leaf Search Ltd (NLS).

  • The referred candidate must not already be registered on the NLS database.

  • Where more than one person introduces the candidate, NLS will operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • A payment of £500 will be made for every candidate introduced by you who is successfully placed by NLS into a permanent role, subject to:

    • the referred candidate Accepting a Job Offer in writing within six months from the date of the initial referral.

    • the referred candidate completing a minimum of 6 months’ continuous employment with the employer.

    • the on-line referral form having been completed.

  • If the referral is made directly to an employee of NLS, it is the referrer’s obligation to complete the on-line Referral Form within 14 working days of this initial referral. This is a mandatory requirement for reward qualification and no exceptions will be made.

  • All referral payments will be made against the original permanent placement only.

  • Payment of the reward will be by cheque or BACs. Any costs and expenses incurred by you in respect of the payment method will be borne by you.

  • International bank transfer costs incurred by NLS will be deducted from the total referral payment.

  • Payments will be made in GBP Sterling or Euros.

  • For payments made in Euros, NLS will apply currency conversion rates obtained from

  • In the event of any disputed fees, following all reasonable reference checks, NLS’s decision will be final.

  • If you receive referral rewards from NLS then it is your responsibility for the declaration of these rewards to the Inland Revenue.

  • It is your responsibility to pay any tax which becomes due by you as a result of such referral rewards and you indemnify us against any liability for tax due by you.

  • NLS reserve the right to decline any referral without explanation. This is essential so as not to compromise our candidate and client confidentiality obligations.

  • NLS reserves the right to amend or change the terms and conditions of the Referral Incentive Scheme without written notice.

  • These terms are final and non-negotiable.

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