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Brand values

defining our business culture and commercial principles

Delivering results for our clients and candidates is our primary objective. To do this, we need to ensure a strong business foundation, underpinned by our six brand values.

These values are at the heart of our business; defining our culture and commercial principles. There is nothing magical in these words, what makes them special is how we put them into action:

1. Integrity
    • We embrace and uphold the highest standards of personal and professional ethics, honesty and trust.

    • We engender trust and mutual respect by building open, honest and direct relationships with each other and our clients, candidates and suppliers. We always deliver on our commitments, keep our promises and ensure transparency in everything we do.

    • We earn our reputation by adhering to the highest level of ethical conduct.

2. Customer Focus
    • We focus on customer needs and how best to meet them.

    • Our clients and candidates are at the centre of our business focus.

    • We strive towards understanding and anticipating their needs, and more importantly, delivering what they truly value.

    • We always listen first and then apply our experience and know-how to provide high quality, high value, intelligent recruitment solutions.

3. Passion
    • We are passionate about what we do and are driven to excel in every aspect of our business.

    • Energy, enthusiasm and enjoyment mixed with hard work, commitment, and dedication make a positive difference to our business and help us achieve success in a fiercely competitive market.

    • We thrive on challenge and success, are driven by results and achievement but work in a relaxed, friendly and collaborative environment.

4. Accountability
    • We are accountable for fulfilling our commitments to our Candidates and Clients.

    • We accept responsibility for our actions and take ownership for ensuring that we strive for excellence in all aspects of our daily conduct that affect our business, our careers and our reputation.

    • This extends to the obligation we have to society and the environment to behave responsibly.

    • We hold ourselves accountable for achieving our goals and objectives; we always recognise, reward and celebrate outstanding performance.

5. Collaboration
    • We work as a unit and share knowledge for continuous improvement, learning and innovation.

    • We promote collaboration and communication to produce the best possible result for our clients, candidates and our business.

    • We make on-going improvements and achieve better results when we work together. 

    • We listen to each other's opinions, respect our differences, and seek ways to ensure we achieve both our individual, team and company goals.

6. Agility
    • We embrace change by ensuring we remain adaptable and versatile to bring on-going value to our candidates and clients.

    • Whether it's our ability to prioritise hiring projects or improve visibility of the hiring journey to clients or simply keep our candidates fully updated as to their job application status, being able to swiftly implement innovative business and technical processes to fulfil this requirement is paramount.

    • Our ISO 9001 accreditation is testament to this fact. ​

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