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Our professional standards demonstrate our firm commitment to you in providing recruitment service excellence:

Competence and capacity
    • Before agreeing to undertake any assignment, we will:

      • Verify that we have the resources, time, knowledge and expertise to handle your specific assignment.

      • Disclose all information concerning relationships or circumstances that might create actual or potential conflicts of interest.

      • Disclose limitations arising through service with other clients that may affect our ability to perform the search assignment.

Terms of engagement
    • After that, we will mutually agree terms of engagement, including the scope of the services to be provided.

    • This will give you complete clarity of our fee structure and other terms of business.

​Clarity of accountability – a dedicated point of contact
    • A lead consultant will be assigned to you and will be your primary contact for your recruitment projects.

    • Supporting team members will also be identified.

Consultative approach – vacancy profile creation
    • We will invest the time to understand the critical aspects of your business, including your core values, culture, products, services and markets as well as appreciating the structure of the organisation.

    • We will also require a comprehensive vacancy brief, including a job description and person specification, plus the salary and benefits package.

    • Where needed, we will proactively help you to define or refine job descriptions, applying our knowledge of the industry and the potential supply of suitable candidates.

    • We will then establish the key and essential requirements for the role. These will form our benchmark criteria against which we will assess candidates.

Timeline and progress parameters established
    • The completion of a search assignment may sometimes take several months, with many steps between initial contact and the ultimate hiring of the successful candidate.

    • We will agree a candidate sourcing action plan, timelines and any other milestones or measurable parameters which will assist in the recruitment process.

    • These will be in accordance with the job role, seniority, geographic location and business urgency.

Sourcing candidates; thorough research
    • While we will apply our existing knowledge of industries and people in them, we will also undertake thorough research to arrive at target organisations and candidates.

    • We have a choice of avenues available to find the right calibre person for you:

      • We may agree to conduct a search of our extensive in-house database of qualified candidates, or:

      • Utilise the capabilities of our advertising agency to produce on-line or off-line advertisements.

    • If we identify a shortage of suitable candidates, then we may recommend using our Search & Selection option.

    • We will always recommend the right option to bring you the right results.

Screening candidates
    • We will qualify suitable candidates to confirm whether they meet the required profile for the role.

    • Screening is conducted by an in-depth face-to-face or telephone interview, depending on the location and availability of the candidate.

Candidate shortlist
    • This screening process ensures that shortlisted candidates will meet your expectations and are indeed motivated and excited by the opportunity.

    • We will endeavour to supply you with a shortlist of between 2 and 5 candidates per vacancy.

    • Quality takes precedence over quantity.

    • Each candidate submission will be accompanied with an up to date CV and a short e-mail profile detailing:

      • Specific suitability for vacancy.

      • Experience level and significant achievements.

      • Education and background.

      • Reason for seeking new employment.

      • Reason for leaving last role.

      • Notice Period and availability.

      • Current salary and benefits package.

      • Expected salary and benefits package.

Pre-cleared CVs
    • We will only send you CVs that have been pre-cleared with the candidate’s express permission; observing GDPR requirements.

​Interview management
    • We will handle the coordination and management of the interview process, ensuring that each candidate is fully briefed on the opportunity so that the interviews can be as productive as possible.

Responsiveness; feedback loop
    • A debrief is conducted with each candidate after every interview.

    • Full feedback is relayed to you thereafter, enabling you to compare your assessment with the candidate's feedback.

    • We will continue to facilitate the dialogue between both parties to ensure a successful conclusion.

Assistance in negotiation of an employment agreement
    • We will facilitate the negotiation of an employment agreement with the chosen candidate.

Follow up
    • We will follow up with you and the candidate to ensure a smooth transition into the job.

    • Recruitment assignments require you to divulge highly sensitive information about your organisation.

    • To be effective, we require access to a wide range of information about your organisation’s structure, market and growth strategy.

    • We will treat any and all information you give with the utmost confidentiality and will disclose information to candidates with care and discretion.

    • In addition, should the search itself require confidentiality, we will take all reasonable steps to maintain that confidentiality.

    • Throughout each assignment, we will professionally represent you by protecting your reputation, upholding your values and respecting your organisation’s culture.

New Leaf Search Complaints Policy
    • We are committed to providing a quality service to all of our clients.

    • If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with any aspect of the service you have received from New Leaf Search then we would like you to let us know.

    • Please click here for further details.

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