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Recruiter choice

the right recruitment partner is a fundamental prerequisite for every job search

Choosing the right recruitment partner will reap dividends; choosing the wrong one could cost you time, loss of credibility and missed opportunities.

Limit your choice of partners
    • Experience tells us that the best results for candidates in successfully securing their next career move is to limit their choice of recruitment partners to one or a maximum of two quality consultancies – especially in the asset finance and leasing niche.

    • This has the distinct advantage of ensuring you receive a coherent, uncomplicated and dedicated service.

    • Just as importantly, the embarrassment of multiple copies of your CV being sent to prospective employers will be greatly reduced.

Fit for purpose
    • The key questions to consider when assessing which recruiter to partner with are listed below.

    • Most of this information can be obtained from the prospective recruiter’s website or articles in asset finance and leasing media, but there is no substitute for direct contact.

    • When you do make contact, always ensure that the recruiter is able to substantiate the answers to these questions fully.

Have they been recommended to you?
    • We pride ourselves on the feedback, testimonials and reviews received from our client and candidate base.

    • We hope that in reading some of these, you will get a sense of our capabilities, credibility, professionalism and trust.

    • The majority of our candidate base have approached us as a direct result of a recommendation.

    • See our candidate reviews.

Do they specialise in the asset finance and leasing?
    • We are an Executive Search Consultancy specialising in placing asset finance and leasing professionals into permanent jobs with leading UK and international clients.

    • See our expertise and jobs pages.

Do they have a proven track record of recruiting for your target role(s)?
    • Our asset finance and leasing expertise means 'we understand your industry and speak your language.'

    • We have a deep understanding of the sector and are able to coherently and knowledgeably provide best in class recruitment services.

    • See our expertise.

Do they recruit for your target organisation/employer?
    • We are privileged to partner with an impressive portfolio of clients from across the asset finance and leasing industry.

    • See our featured clients.

Do they have an established and diverse network of client contacts within the industry?
    • Our reputation for delivering success ensures that we keep building our client contact base.

    • We have established strong relationships with leading international asset finance and leasing organisations either on an exclusive or preferred supplier basis.

    • Our established and diverse network of industry contacts ensures we are best equipped to help with your search.

    • See why choose us? and featured clients pages.

Do they operate across your geographic region?
    • Although based in the UK, our extensive client database has enabled us to complete assignments across several countries, presenting our candidates with a wider scope of securing their ideal role.

    • This proven capability to find the right job opportunities for you across multi-regional locations clearly set us apart.

    • Successful placements have been made in the following 25 territories :

    • Europe: UK, Eire, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.

    • Rest of the world:Australia, China, India, Russia, South Africa and UAE.

    • See our why choose us? page and featured clients.

Are they consultative in their approach?
    • We understand that a truly consultative approach is the best way to meet our candidate needs.

    • By sharing our knowledge and expertise, we can confidently steer your search to ensure your career objectives are fulfilled.

    • We make every effort to provide you with the best advice and support in seeking new opportunities.

    • We strive to understand your long-term objectives, help you to manage your career, and only present you with relevant opportunities which match your aspirations.

    • See our why choose us? and candidate professional standards pages.

Are they willing to fully qualify your requirements?
    • We facilitate detailed dialogue to qualify and help you manage your career aspirations, target prospective employers, create or develop your CV, prepare for interviews, manage the offer, handle any counter-offer and complete the resignation process.

    • See our candidate professional standards.

What comfort do they give you about candidate confidentiality?
    • We recognise your need for confidentiality and always:

      • Obtain your authorisation before submitting your CV to any recruiting organisation.

      • Advise the recruiting organisation about your need for confidentiality and utmost discretion.

      • Ensure we do not contact referees provided by you without your prior permission.

    • See our candidate professional standards.

What else can they do to add value?
    • Helping manage and develop your career is one of our key objectives.

    • We do this not only by presenting you the right opportunity, with the right employer, at the right time but also by equipping you with the right tools to manage these opportunities to your competitive advantage. ​

    • Our candidate Career Toolkit provides key information on some of the important areas of the selection process.

    • Give yourself the best possible chance of progressing with your career by familiarising yourself with the toolkit.

    • See our career toolkit section.

Are they an established business?
    • New Leaf Search was incepted in 2004 and soon established itself as a leading provider of UK and international asset finance and leasing recruitment solutions.

    • See our about us and facts and figures pages.

Can they ensure continuity of service or are they effectively a sole proprietary type of business?
    • Having a team means we are able to provide continuity of service and seamless professionalism.

    • This is further evidenced by our ISO 9001 certification.

    • Achieving certification to this major quality standard is testament to the strategic framework we have in place to ensure our customers receive the best possible service.

    • New Leaf Search became the first recruitment agency operating exclusively in the asset finance and leasing sector to be awarded certification to the international quality standard.

    • See our team profile and accreditations.

Are they bound by a code of professional conduct?
    • New Leaf Search became the first recruitment agency operating exclusively in the asset finance and leasing sector to become a full member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

    • The REC represents the recruitment industry within the UK and mainland Europe, promoting standards, adherence to legislation and provides professional development through training and qualification.

    • Membership requires that our values reflect the REC guidelines for professionally managing a recruitment business.

    • We are duty-bound to adhere to the REC Code of Professional practice, ensuring our Clients and Candidates benefit from the highest levels of service delivery.

    • We believe it is important to participate actively in discussions regarding recruitment and employment issues and keep fully informed of current trends and legislation.

    • See our accreditations.

How do they ensure the highest level of service?
    • Our professional standards demonstrate our strong commitment to you in providing recruitment service excellence.

    • Additionally, thanks to our reputation for setting the highest standards and our dedication to service excellence, we have established ourselves as a quality-driven recruitment partner.​

    • Client and Candidate Surveys - We pride ourselves in our commitment to continually re-invent ourselves to ensure we bring you on-going value-added benefits that clearly set us apart.

    • In order to achieve this objective, we regularly and formally canvass constructive feedback on the service we offer from both our client and candidate community.

    • The feedback serves as the backbone for planning our future activity to best serve your needs.

    • See our candidate professional standards, accreditations and facts and figures pages.

What are their conversion ratios, and what trends do they display?
    • We pride ourselves in our strong conversion ratios.

    • We measure 12 different ratios, including the percentage of jobs that result in offers and the percentage of interviews converted to offers.

    • Our Business performance trends will provide you with confidence in the knowledge that you are dealing with a successful, well-established company, striving to bring improved service and performance levels to you.

    • We are happy to discuss these with you in greater detail should you wish to make an enquiry.

    • See our facts and figures.

Will they bombard you with unsolicited or unqualified job opportunities?
    • We only work on genuine vacancies that have been formally released to us by a client with whom we have terms of business in place.

    • All filled vacancies are removed from our jobs pages as soon as we receive formal notification of their closed status from the prospective employer.

    • This gives you peace of mind in the knowledge that your time invested in investigating potential opportunities will always be well spent.

    • We will never bombard you with unsolicited or unqualified job opportunities.

    • See our candidate professional standards.

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