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  • Client Perspective: Identifying top talent in the virtual working environment

    September 2021

    ​Client / Employer Perspective: "With the prevalence of remote working, how do companies recognise and develop high achievers into managers of the future?” Client Contribution by Chris Stalley – Sales Director, Renaissance Asset Finance “High achievers will always make themselves known and rise to the top, it is in their DNA and their actions are habitual. However, I do...

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    Spotting Talent In Virtual Environment
  • Candidate Perspective: How the pandemic has affected my job search?"

    September 2021

    Candidate Perspective: "How has the pandemic affected my asset finance and leasing job search?"​Candidate Contribution by 'Martin'Whilst the pandemic didn't affect the actual process of searching for a new role, what has been different is the actual interview process itself. Many companies are currently in the process of initiating some kind of blended or hybrid working pa...

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    Job Seeking During Pandemic
  • The Childhood Trust - Let's help someone together

    July 2021

    The Childhood Trust - Let's help someone together...​As part of our Community Pledge, we believe that New Leaf Search should contribute positively to the community in which it operates and engage with charitable programmes in a number of ways.We have a ‘Charity of the Year’ pledge whereby we commit a proportion of our turnover to a nominated charity. Charities are selected b...

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    Nls Childhood Trust Donations
  • ​Virtual Interviews are becoming the 'norm'. Are you up to speed?

    June 2021

    ​Virtual Interviews are becoming the 'norm'. Are you up to speed?Virtual job interviews, also referred to as online, video, remote, Zoom and Teams interviews are now commonplace. Employers have been forced down this route due to the pandemic, but we get a distinct impression that virtual interviews are here to stay, especially for screening or first interviews and also for...

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    Interview Styles And Formats
  • What type of job seeker are you?

    October 2020

    What type of job seeker are you?What kind of individual behaviour do you exhibit when it comes to career progression?As specialist Recruitment Consultants to the Asset Finance and Leasing industry, experience tells us that Kantor’s Four Player model, as applied to team dynamics, can also be extended to identify specific traits in job seekers to help determine the best approa...

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    What Type Of Jobseeker Are You
  • ​10 ways to improve employee retention

    August 2020

    ​10 ways to improve employee retentionEmployee retention levels can make or break an organisation’s recruitment, employee development and employee contribution strategies. Businesses must differentiate between valuable staff members and those who fail to maximise their contribution. Sincere efforts must be made to deliver specific approaches for each of these groups in order...

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    10 Ways To Improve Employee Retention
  • The impact of COVID-19 on financial services recruitment

    April 2020

    The impact of COVID-19 on financial services recruitment The Coronavirus pandemic is causing far-reaching socioeconomic consequences across the globe. With large swathes of the global population exercising some form of lockdown, COVID19 has brought the world’s economy to its knees.In particular, the travel and hospitality industries have been hard hit, but the damage caused ...

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    The Impact Of Covid On Fs Recruitment