Rec Compliance Assessment 2023

New Leaf Search passes REC Compliance Assessment 2023

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New Leaf Search passes REC Compliance Assessment 2023

Posted on 23 November 2023 by Neel Amin

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We are delighted to announce that New Leaf Search has successfully completed the latest REC compliance assessment with an impressive score. The REC, the recognised body for the recruitment industry, supports its members in achieving and maintaining the highest standards of recruitment practice through legal advice, training, and guidance.

Compliance testing is a crucial component of the REC's strategy to elevate standards in the industry and encourage professional recruitment. The pass rate is set at 80%, and we are proud to share that New Leaf Search achieved an outstanding score of 96%. This accomplishment is particularly significant given that numerous agencies have previously failed assessments, resulting in denial of REC membership.

The REC's benchmark underscores the commitment to upholding high standards, and we remain dedicated to continually enhancing our services. Our recruitment team is steadfast in working towards the REC's elevated standards. While we are delighted with our strong performance this year, our goal for the next assessment is to achieve the maximum 100% score.

We are determined to accomplish this by refining our understanding of the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations. Additionally, we will focus on mastering the REC's Code of Professional Practice, which necessitates compliance beyond statutory legal requirements.

Although we regularly receive positive testimonials from clients and candidates, receiving recognition from our peers and the professional body of the Recruitment Industry is truly gratifying. New Leaf Search has always prided itself on ethical and professional recruiting, and we believe that this recognition will provide a genuine competitive edge in the industry.

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