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Our technology

our edge; your advantage; accelerating the recruitment process

Technology has changed the dynamics of the recruitment process bringing a real competitive edge to our business operation, which is transferable to our clients.

Instant access to specific candidate records
    • Our ability to search across thousands of skilled records, categories, keywords and candidate CVs, help direct our searches to the most appropriately matched candidates to your specification.

    • This process enhances our expertise, increases our rate of success and helps deliver the results you expect from us.

    • A database is only as good as the information it contains, and our fundamental principle of maintaining its integrity by continually updating, confirming and developing our data, ensures we have access to the right candidate profiles at all times.

    • We have a fully GDPR compliant database.

Web visibility
    • With the internet becoming a robust employment seeking tool, we have geared our web site to meet the needs of candidates specifically.

    • By using the most effective search optimisation engine, New Leaf Search is prominent in all leasing recruitment web searches.

    • This means we have a commanding web presence to attract a wide range of candidates, thereby improving the chances of finding the right individual for you.

Digital Tools
    • We combine the latest digital and social media recruitment tools to access a niche of candidates often missed by other agencies.

    • Please speak to our consultants for further information.

On the Go Access
    • With the growth in mobile phones used to access the internet, we have a mobile-optimised website designed to expand the reach of our job advertisements to a broader audience.

Applicant Tracking System
    • Our custom-built jobs web page is regularly updated and allows candidates to apply for specific roles online immediately.

    • Furthermore, candidates can quickly upload their CV or register for job alerts by email; further improving our reach and probability of finding the right candidate for you promptly and efficiently. 

Online interviews
    • We often conduct online interviews by utilising MS Teams, Zoom, FaceTime and/or WhatsApp.

    • This enables us to pre-screen candidates and observe how they present themselves in an interview setting.

    • We find this to be an effective way of shortlisting candidates before presenting their CVs to our clients.

Online Psychometric Testing
    • We offer pre-employment assessments such as cognitive ability and job knowledge tests to analyse the skills and knowledge of candidates.

    • These are quick and efficient to administer, and the results can instantaneously be shared with our clients.

    • We use Thomas International to manage this process.

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