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Recruitment solutions

four core solutions; blended to suit your specific business needs

We will carefully qualify your hiring requirements to offer you a blended recruitment solution. Our agreement types can be tailored to meet your requirements.

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1. Retained Executive Search
    • Ideal for senior appointments and specialist roles where there is clearly an identifiable and limited pool of candidates. 

    • This is a bespoke project managed solution, whereby we undertake extensive market research to proactively seek (headhunt) suitably qualified (talent mapped) candidates from niche markets.

    • We will undertake such assignments in a sales focused, discreet manner; ensuring the client brief is professionally represented.

2. NLS Registered Base Search
    • Ideal for generic roles.

    • Our extensive database allows us to intricately sweep across thousands of candidate records and CVs, quickly identifying potential candidates with the appropriate skills profile. 

3. Web & Social Media Advertised Selection
    • Suitable for all roles in conjunction with other methods. An ideal way to reach potential candidates, whether actively or passively seeking.

4. Disclosed Print and Web Advertised Selection
    • Ideal for multiple resourcing requirements or Board level appointments.

    • Suitable for attracting candidates from other business sectors bringing varied but transferable skills and experiences.

    • We will custom design and manage an advertising campaign; from design-input; print media selection; to fulfilment and short-list provision. 

Agreement types:
    • Retained Agreement

    • Contingent Agreement

    • Exclusive Agreement

    • Volume Agreement

Please contact us for further information on how we can blend our solutions and pricing to best meet your resourcing and budgetary requirements.

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