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The Childhood Trust - Let's help someone together

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The Childhood Trust - Let's help someone together

Posted on 26 July 2021 by Neel Amin

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The Childhood Trust - Let's help someone together...

​As part of our Community Pledge, we believe that New Leaf Search should contribute positively to the community in which it operates and engage with charitable programmes in a number of ways.

We have a ‘Charity of the Year’ pledge whereby we commit a proportion of our turnover to a nominated charity.

Charities are selected based upon a personal connection between an employee and a particular cause, or one that reflects the plight of individuals affected by events outside of their control.

This year's charity is The Childhood Trust; London's child poverty charity, dedicated to alleviating the impact of poverty on children and young people living in the capital. This is particularly salient in times of lockdowns.

Lockdowns have left 1 in 3 disadvantaged children in London suffering from anxiety and depression.

Under lockdown measures, disadvantaged children have experienced chronic anxiety, stress, hunger, domestic violence, loss of peer support and mental health deterioration with disastrous long-term consequences for their education, well-being, and life chances. Research with 75 charities in London supporting 85,890 children has found that disadvantaged children are now suffering from serious mental health disorders at twice the rate of children nationally.

To help vulnerable children recover and to stop the toxic legacy of the lockdowns, The Childhood Trust's Champions for Children campaign will fund 111 projects providing vitally needed fun activities, meals, and emotional support this summer and beyond for 150,000 of London’s most vulnerable children.

The charity can't do this without our help. So let's help them together.

In addition to making our annual contribution, we pledge to donate an additional £10 for EVERY Google review we receive. We would love to hear your feedback and in doing so, help a truly worthwhile cause.

To complete a Google review, simply enter New Leaf Search in your search bar and follow the instructions for posting a review...

Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for supporting The Childhood Trust.

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