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Recruiters' right to reply

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Recruiters' right to reply

Posted on 04 May 2023 by Jane Theobald

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​In the April 2023 Edition of LEASING WORLD magazine, we were asked for our take on the subject of "Questions to think about when conducting a recruitment interview".

Our reply:

Recruitment techniques have developed to incorporate structured, scientific and systematic processes in a bid to move away from subjective decision-making to the more favored objective or evidence-based selection.

Enlisting a trusted recruitment partner with a deep understanding of your company and market would be beneficial. The capable ones are well versed at interview techniques designed to ensure they find the right fit of applicant for the role and company. Finding suitable candidates on a database or job board can be straightforward enough but shortlisting and dovetailing them with your corporate brand values and ethos is a fine art.

Avoiding unconscious bias in your interview process is also key. But to do that, you need to be fully aware of its definition and manifestations. When was the last time you made a hiring decision based purely on ‘gut feel’? Chances are, your decision was based on unconscious bias. For example, you may have interviewed an individual with whom you had a natural connection with; that shared that same company values and vision. You were immediately drawn to them and ‘instinctively’ knew that they would be the right cultural fit. This ‘Affinity Bias’ however could blindside you, whereby you fail to recognize that the individual may not have the right skills to perform the role or that they are so similar to current team members that they bring very little in real added value.

There are numerous other unconscious bias pitfalls ranging from Gender Bias to the Horns and Halo effect. Partnering with an experienced recruitment provider can help you successfully navigate the modern interview process.

For further information, please see our Career toolkit (newleafsearch.com) which offers vital insights into key recruitment processes, from writing a standout CV, to excelling at interviews, to leaving your old job on good terms.

​Give yourself the best chance of securing your perfect job by using the information contained to your advantage.

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