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CBI : Decision-making competencies

example interview questions

Competency: Creative thinking
    • ​Describe a time when you generated a new approach to an existing work procedure.

    • Provide an example of a time when you generated creative ideas to solve a problem.

    • Describe a time when you implemented an improvement to a process, service or product.

    • What is the most imaginative or innovative task you have done in your present position?

    • Tell me about a new business idea that you have had in the last twelve months.​

Competency: Vision
    • Tell me about any strategic planning activity in which you were involved that went well. What was your direct involvement?

    • What range of issues determines the success or otherwise of your present organisation?

    • What are some of the goals of your present organisation? What part have you played in setting these?

    • How far ahead do you plan? Can you give me an example?​

Competency: Judgement​
    • When have you included subordinates in your decision making? Tell me about a specific example? How did you incorporate their input?

    • What is the most significant decision you made in the past year? What alternatives did you consider? Why did you do it that way?

    • Describe a situation when it was difficult to reach a judgement quickly.

    • Give me two examples of good decisions you have made in the last six months? What were the alternatives? Why were they deemed to be good decisions?​

Competency: Commercial Orientation/Entrepreneurial​
    • Tell me about some successful business initiatives that you have taken in, say, the last five years.

    • Tell me about a time when you have followed an opportunity that others doubted. What happened?

    • Provide an example of when you had to reach a quick understanding of the commercial implications of a new issue.

    • Tell me about a time when you balanced the competing priorities of several stakeholders.

    • Tell me about a time you suggested a competitive marketing strategy for a business.​

Competency: Problem analysis/solving​
    • Describe a time when you critically evaluated information to solve a problem.

    • What problems are you currently working on that came as a surprise? How much advance notice did you have of the issues?

    • Outline a particularly challenging analytical problem you undertook or resolved.

    • Describe a major problem you have encountered in your role? How did you handle it? What steps did you take after you identified the problem?

    • What sources of information do you use to keep aware of the problems and issues within your organisation?

    • Describe a time you have had to remain wary of potential problems.

    • Provide an example of a time when you used a non-standard approach to solve a problem.​

Competency: Numerical analysis​
    • What figures do you think about every day? Tell me more?

    • What numerical analyses do you run through fairly routinely in your work?

    • What numbers give critical signs of the well-being of your organisation or department?

    • Tell me about a time you had to undertake considerable figure work. Did you enjoy it?


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