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CV layout

a standout CV depends not only on ‘what’ you say, but ‘how’ you say it

Quality presentation and structure is critical in getting the look, feel and layout of a CV. Create your standout CV by following these simple steps:

CV - look and feel

Here are a few pointers to assist you:

    • ​Ensure your headings, structure, style and formats remain consistent.

    • Ensure adequate spacing and a well-organised layout.

    • Discreet use of shading and section dividing lines are fine.

    • When sending your CV to us, accompanying it with a succinct covering email is extremely helpful in fine-tuning our search for you. Be sure to draw attention to the reasons why your application is worthy of consideration as well as the following:

        • Reason for leaving/seeking a new role.

        • Current basic salary.

        • Bonus (ideally your expected bonus and what was received for the last bonus paid out).

        • Benefits.

        • Salary sought.

        • Notice period.

        • Ideal next job. (This could include your ideal or target job titles and companies).

        • It’s also important to highlight your location and whether you would consider relocation.

​CV layout overview; headings to include

Below are our recommended headings to help you structure your CV:

    • ​Name.

    • Contact Details.

    • Executive Summary or Profile.

    • Career History (including Dates of Employment, Company Name, Nature of Business, Position Held, Role and Responsibilities, Key Achievements).

    • Education, Professional Qualifications and Training.

    • Languages.

    • Information Technology.

    • Interests, Activities and Personal Details.

Please contact us for a copy of our CV template.

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