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Social media tips

ensure your online profile mirrors your CV

Job hunting is an increasingly online business, with the majority of job seekers actively promoting themselves through their web presence. If you're not, you need to be.

​Your online profile is an extension of your CV

Today's HR and hiring managers routinely search the internet for information about interviewees, so a strong professional profile on social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook is a must.

Here are a few simple tips to make sure your online profile gives any passing recruiters the right impression - and certainly doesn't create the wrong one.

    • If you want to be taken seriously, choose a professional-looking profile photo - preferably a recent one.

    • Make sure the information listed on your profile mirrors that on your CV.

    • Keep your summary information short and succinct, but do mention all key projects/initiatives undertaken.

    • Ask for recommendations from trusted professional associates like clients and former colleagues.

    • Show you engage in industry matters by making valid contributions to online discussions.

    • For non-business sites such as Facebook, be sure to adopt a restricted security and access setting or avoid controversial photos or postings altogether.

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