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​Rigby Capital - a better way to fund IT.

Supporting vendors in developing commercial models to address their customers'​ economic challenges.

Rigby Capital was launched with the sole purpose of filling that gap through specialising in supporting the economic impact of consumption-based technology service solutions, alongside traditional IT financing solutions.

Our experienced team, backed by one of the UK’s most trusted family-owned, public limited companies, are commercially oriented, transparent and unique in our approach. We specialise in asset-inclusive services payment structures and software-aligned subscription models. This meets a common challenge facing many of our partners: how to provide a beneficial solution to customers that resolves their cashflow and revenue recognition conflicts.

It is a business strategy that has delivered exactly what the market required, with the increasing demand for our services demonstrating the need for our new approach to technology financing. As a result, we have quickly built up a wide portfolio of customers across all industries, have established close relationships with a growing number of business partners and already have plans to expand into Europe.

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