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What is Multipli?

Multipli is a finance service company that partners with B2B technology businesses. Everything we do is about simplified payment plans. We’ve created programs that boost sales, cashflow and allow founders to retain their equity. We are unique as we have digitised the finance process from start to finish.

Our Solutions

Make it easier for your customers to consume technology products and services

Reduce the need to heavily discount to get the deal across the line

Deliver reportable revenue to your bottom line up front

Create competitive advantage for your sales team

Accelerate pipeline and help you support rapid growth in your organisation

Best of all, when you Multipli your business, you enjoy the revenue and we take all the risk.

Our approach to finance means even smaller, fast growing businesses can compete more effectively with larger competitors. Businesses with traditional sales and pricing models can innovate to create a consumable offering without re-engineering back end processes and remuneration structures.

Multipli is a proven means to remove or drastically reduce the risks associated with securing payments for technology implementation and installation projects.

If you’re ready to reduce the pressure on your sales teams, accelerate your deal flow and close more reportable revenue, faster – it’s time to Multipli your business.

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