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Environmental pledge

reduce, reuse and recycle

We are an environmentally conscious business; always looking at ways to manage the environmental impact of our activities. These include evaluating our internal processes, maximising recycling, minimising our energy use and ensuring we select and manage our suppliers effectively.

As an office-based company, our environmental KPIs are centred around waste generation, recycling and greenhouse gas emissions.

Accordingly, we have taken advice on the ways we can reduce waste and carbon emissions and are committed to reducing our impact upon the environment through new and on-going initiatives.

Although our business does not generate a large amount of waste or emissions, we believe every organisation and individual is duty-bound to do what they can to protect the environment.

Waste Generation
    • To reduce waste generation, we promote recycling and environmentally conscious waste disposal.

    • This initiative applies to paper, glass, plastic, aluminium cans, print cartridges, mobile telephones, computers and other IT equipment.

Paperless Environment
    • We are working towards a paperless environment thanks to our clients, candidates and suppliers embracing online and electronic formats for business communications.

    • We have invested in appropriate technology and software to achieve this objective.

Energy use and Greenhouse Emissions
    • We promote the efficient use of energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by evaluating our energy usage in the office and where possible, investing in energy-efficient appliances, heating and lighting.

    • We ensure all lights, computers, heating, cooling and other appliances are switched off when not in use.

    • We utilise electronic letterheads and business templates (for invoices, terms of business, interview confirmations, CVs) reducing paper usage and printing requirements.

    • We have also reduced travel-related emissions by investing in eco-friendly vehicles, introduced flexible working and where possible, replaced travel to and from meetings and interviews with conference calls, telephone interviews, Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings.

Electric Vehicles
    • Our company cars are fully electric. We appreciate the environmental benefits of zero emissions, energy efficiency, noise reduction as well as the reduced dependence on fossil fuels.

Carbon Footprint
    • Finally, we are currently taking steps to become carbon neutral by establishing our carbon footprint and offsetting any remaining emissions through a carbon offsetting scheme.

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