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Choosing the right recruitment partner

the right partner is a fundamental prerequisite for your recruitment needs

Partnering with the right recruitment consultancy will reap dividends; choosing the wrong one could cost you time, loss of potential top talent and missed opportunities.

So how do you get it right? Follow our guidelines below:

​Limit your choice of partners
    • Experience tells us that the best results for clients in successfully securing their next career move is to limit their choice of recruitment partners to one or a maximum of two quality consultancies – especially in the asset finance and leasing niche.

    • This has the distinct advantage of ensuring you receive a coherent, uncomplicated and dedicated service.

    • Just as importantly, the embarrassment of receiving duplicate CVs and deciphering candidate ownership will be removed.

    • There won't be a requirement to brief multiple agencies for each new vacancy, and the whole recruitment process will be more streamlined and efficient.

    • You will no longer have to sift through a deluge of CVs from multiple sources.

    • You can build a productive and efficient recruiter partnership.

​Fit for purpose
    • The key questions to consider when assessing which recruiter to partner with are listed below.

    • Most of this information can be obtained from the prospective recruiter’s website or articles in asset finance and leasing media, but there is no substitute for direct contact.

    • When you do make contact, always ensure that the recruiter is able to substantiate the answers to these questions fully.

Have they been recommended to you?
    • We pride ourselves on the feedback, testimonials and reviews received from our client base.

    • We hope that in reading some of these, you will get a sense of our capabilities, credibility, professionalism and trust.

    • The majority of our client base have approached us as a direct result of a recommendation.

    • See our client reviews.

Do they specialise in the markets you operate in, specifically asset finance and leasing?
    • We are an Executive Search Consultancy specialising in placing asset finance and leasing professionals into permanent jobs with leading UK and international clients.

    • See our expertise and jobs pages.

Do they have a proven track record of recruiting for your vacancy discipline?
    • Our asset finance and leasing expertise means 'we understand your industry and speak your language'.

    • We have a deep understanding of the sector and are able to coherently and knowledgeably provide best in class recruitment services.

    • See our expertise.

Do they recruit for your type of organisation/industry niche?
    • We are privileged to partner with an impressive portfolio of clients from across the asset finance and leasing industry.

    • See our featured clients.

Do they have an established and diverse network of candidate contacts within the industry?
    • Our reputation for delivering success ensures that we keep building our contact base.

    • Our candidate base has grown organically through referrals, on and off-line media advertising, articles and press releases.

    • We have also completed the acquisition of a recruitment company database operating within the European asset finance and leasing industry as well as the acquisition of a leading banking and invoice finance recruitment company.

    • Our established and diverse network of industry contacts ensures we are best equipped to help with your search.

    • See our why choose us? page and our candidate sources.

Do they operate across your geographic region?
    • Although based in the UK, our extensive international database coupled with our headhunting expertise has enabled us to complete assignments across a number of countries, giving our clients a performance edge in their international growth.

    • This proven capability to find the right talent for you across multi-regional locations clearly set us apart.

    • Successful placements have been made in the following 25 territories :

    • Europe: UK, Eire, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.

    • Rest of the world: Australia, China, India, Russia, South Africa and UAE.

    • See our why choose us?page

Are they consultative in their approach?
    • We understand that a truly consultative approach is the best way to meet our client needs.

    • By sharing our knowledge and expertise, we can confidently steer your search to ensure your resourcing objectives are fulfilled.

    • We make every effort to provide you with the best advice and support in seeking candidates.

    • We strive to understand your long-term recruitment objectives and help you to manage the process effectively.

    • We will only present you with relevant, credible candidates that match your specific requirements.

    • See our why choose us? page and client professional standards. 

Are they willing to fully qualify your requirements?
    • We will invest the time to understand the critical aspects of your business, including your core values, culture, products, services and markets as well as appreciating the structure of the organisation.

    • We will also require a comprehensive vacancy brief, including a job description and person specification, plus the salary and benefits package.

    • Where needed, we will proactively help you to define or refine job descriptions, applying our knowledge of the industry and the potential supply of suitable candidates.

    • We will then establish the key and essential requirements for the role.

    • These will form our benchmark criteria against which we will assess candidate suitability.

    • See our client professional standards. 

What comfort do they give you about client confidentiality?
    • Recruitment assignments require you to divulge highly sensitive information about your organisation.

    • To be effective, we require access to a wide range of information about your organisation’s structure, market and growth strategy.

    • We will treat any and all information you give with the utmost confidentiality and will disclose information to candidates with care and discretion.

    • In addition, should the search itself require confidentiality, we will take all reasonable steps to maintain that confidentiality.

    • Throughout each assignment, we commit to represent you professionally by protecting your reputation, upholding your values and respecting your organisational culture.

    • Furthermore, you can rest assured that we also treat candidate confidentiality with utmost importance by:

      • Obtaining their authorisation before submitting their CV to any recruiting organisation.

      • Advising the recruiting organisation about the need for confidentiality and discretion.

      • Ensuring we do not contact referees provided by candidates without their prior permission.

      • See our client professional standards. 

What else can they do to add value?
    • We're proud to offer a range of value-added products and services to complement our core offering, tailored to bring you on-going business benefits.

    • These services complement and add value to our core recruitment offerings and are intended to partner your human resources function.

    • See our value-add services page.

Are they an established business?
    • New Leaf Search was incepted in 2004 and soon established itself as a leading provider of UK and international asset finance and leasing recruitment solutions.

    • See our about us and facts and figures pages.

Can they ensure continuity of service or are they effectively a sole proprietary type of business?
    • Having a team means we are able to provide continuity of service and seamless professionalism.

    • This is further evidenced by our ISO 9001 certification.

    • Achieving certification to this major quality standard is testament to the strategic framework we have in place to ensure our customers receive the best possible service.

    • New Leaf Search became the first recruitment agency operating exclusively in the asset finance and leasing sector to be awarded certification to the international quality standard.

    • See our team profile and accreditations.

Are they bound by a code of professional conduct?
    • New Leaf Search became the first recruitment agency operating exclusively in the asset finance and leasing sector to become a full member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

    • The REC represents the recruitment industry within the UK and mainland Europe, promoting standards, adherence to legislation and provides professional development through training and qualification.

    • Membership requires that our values reflect the REC guidelines for professionally managing a recruitment business.

    • We are duty-bound to adhere to the REC Code of Professional practice, ensuring our Clients and Candidates benefit from the highest levels of service delivery.

    • We believe it is important to participate actively in discussions regarding recruitment and employment issues and keep fully informed of current trends and legislation.

    • See our accreditations.

How do they ensure the highest level of service?
    • Our professional standards demonstrate our strong commitment to you in providing recruitment service excellence.

    • Additionally, thanks to our reputation for setting the highest standards and our dedication to service excellence, we have established ourselves as a quality-driven recruitment partner.​ This is illustrated by our accreditations.

    • Client and Candidate Surveys - We pride ourselves in our commitment to continually re-invent ourselves to ensure we bring you on-going value-added benefits that clearly set us apart.

    • In order to achieve this objective, we regularly and formally canvass constructive feedback on the service we offer from both our client and candidate community.

    • The feedback serves as the backbone for planning our future activity to best serve your needs.

    • See our client professional standards,accreditations and facts and figures pages.

What are their conversion ratios and what trends do they display?
    • We pride ourselves in our strong conversion ratios.

    • We measure 12 different ratios, including the percentage of jobs that result in offers and the percentage of interviews converted to offers.

    • Our Business performance trends will provide you with confidence in the knowledge that you are dealing with a successful, well-established company, striving to bring improved service and performance levels to you.

    • We are happy to discuss these with you in greater detail should you wish to make an enquiry.

    • See our facts and figures.

Will they bombard you with unsolicited or unqualified CVs?
    • Our consultative approach ensures that we prepare a fully qualified shortlist from which we will only submit those candidates that fully match the vacancy brief.

    • You will not be bombarded with unsolicited or unqualified CVs.

    • See our client professional standards.

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